3 Benefits of Not Washing Your Hair Every Day and Why We Love Dry Shampoo

3 Benefits of Not Washing Your Hair Every Day and Why We Love Dry Shampoo

Most people wash their hair every day but there are some serious benefits to changing your behavior.  Don't worry we have an alternative that will leave you with no bad (HAIR!) days.

Benefits of Skipping a Wash

1)  Save Time!

Washing and styling your hair can take upwards of 30 minutes or longer.  By skipping the wash you can gain some much need extra sleep or add time to do a workout or morning meditation.  

2) Health(ie) Benefits

Washing your hair daily can strip your scalp of its natural microbiome and can cause dryness and inflammation.  Over washing can also leave your hair brittle, limp and thin.  If you have highlights or colored hair, less water exposure will ensure the color lasts longer.

Girl with Dry Shampoo

3) Save Water

Reducing your impact on the environment is always a good thing so reducing your water consumption will have a positive impact on the earth.  

Why we LOVE Dry Shampoo + Conditioner

For the STRONG self(ie) Fall box, we partnered with Paul Mitchell to include full size Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner from their Neon Collection geared towards tweens and teen girls.  

1) Save Time!

When time is of the essence, a quick spritz of the Paul Mitchell dreamy smelling duo - dry shampoo + conditioner - will freshen your tresses and get you out the door in style, in a snap

2) What Does Dry Shampoo Do?

Dry shampoo can help instantly freshen your tresses in the morning and on active days. Absorbing excess sweat and oil, so you can have even more confidence in your post-workout hair.

Dry Shampoo

3) How To Use Dry Shampoo?

Start with a shake and then spray at the roots -it's where the magic happens. Gently massage into your roots to soak up as much sweat and excess oil as possible. Then brush through.

4) What Is Dry Conditioner?

Use the dry conditioner between washes to helps refresh your hair, leaving your ends feeling nourished, noticeably soft and smelling amazing.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo

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