4 Ways A Smile  Lights Up The World

4 Ways A Smile Lights Up The World

As a young girl is today's world of social media, heavy school work and endless activities, it can be hard to juggle it all and find happiness along the way.  Add on those tween years and it feels impossible to find reasons to smile for both the parent and the child!  Smiling it more than an act though.  Smiling increases mood-enhancing hormones while decreasing stress-enhancing hormones, including cortisol, and adrenaline. It also reduces overall blood pressure. And because you typically smile when you're happy, the muscles used trigger your brain to produce more endorphins—the chemical that relieves pain and stress. 

Here are more positive reason to smile!


Confidence is the building block to making good decisions, creating good friendships and reaching her goals.  


A smile creates a friendly vibe, which will draw people to you.  Having the courage to smile can help open the door to better connections and relationships. Giving a smile first could be the start to perfect friendship.


Did you know a simple smile can send good vibes to your brain so you feel your best in every situation?   Smiling boosts hormones that improve your mood and  make you feel good.


Happier people help others around them to become happier too! Start a trend, SMILE!

4 ways a smile lights up the world

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