A Sneak Peek at the First Ever STRONG self(ie) Box!

subscription box for teen girls

A Sneak Peek at the First Ever STRONG self(ie) Box!

The long anticipated, first EVER, STRONG self(ie) subscription box is finally available to purchase in our store!

We would be lying if we said we weren't downright giddy about what this first box has in store for subscribers. Over the past several months, the STRONG self(ie) team has been scouring stores as well as the internet to find the perfect mix of inspirational products that STRONG girls everywhere are sure to love.

And we are pretty sure we hit the jackpot.

Proud to team up with some super amazing brands that are featured in the Fall STRONG self(ie) box, we could not be more excited for the first boxes to arrive on doorsteps around the U.S.

subscription box for teen girls
Aside from hunting down and including amazing items in our BLOOM and BURST boxes, our team was also busy finding different ways to connect girls to their parents, and to one another.

That's where the Kindness Cards come in. Super positive messages hand-lettered and designed exclusively for the STRONG self(ie) community - with a message to spread kindness wherever and whenever possible. In each of our membership boxes, parents will receive four of these uber-cute cards to pass on to their daughters whenever the moment feels right. Girls will also be receiving four of their own Kindness Cards, complete with a message that encourages them to build up other girls around them.

subscription box for teen girls
For us, STRONG self(ie) is so much more than a subscription box of awesome stuff (but for real, the stuff inside is totally amazing). Our mission to build up strong girls for life extends far beyond the box. Being part of the STRONG self(ie) community means being confident, supportive, and shining a positive light on others. It's about redefining what it means to be “perfect,” or “pretty,” or “popular.” Our goal is to extend this mission into the lives of every girl growing up in the United States, her parents, and those who love her.

Part of that mission includes our Four Corners of Selfie Strength. These characteristics come together to form strong, confident young women - and every one of our boxes features at least one item from each of the four corners: health(ie), funn(ie), smart(ie), beaut(ie). When your daughter receives her box, she will receive a note from our team, along with a brief explanation of products and how they tie into those Four Corners.

Whether you order our BLOOM(box) for girls ages 8-12, our BURST(box) recommended for girls between 13-17, or one of the inspirational items in our shop - you can be certain of one thing: you will become a part of our STRONG self(ie) community and our mission to build up STRONG girls for life.

Thank you for coming on this incredible journey with us, and supporting our mission to nurture strong girls for life. We can't wait for you to receive your first STRONG self(ie) subscription or gift box, enjoy the fun products we have selected, and spread kindness far beyond the four corners of the box.

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