Be lazy once in a while. Go ahead. It’s okay.

Be lazy once in a while. Go ahead. It’s okay.

by STRONG self(ie)

I remember growing up in Ohio and having my parents boot me out of bed at the crack of dawn during summer vacation to mow the lawn or help around the house.  It felt like torture!  But I also remember long summer days by our pool with no agenda except to be lazy!  

In the hustle and bustle of the world today it's hard to find time to do nothing and relax.  To truly have a day with no plans and places to be.  Great happiness can come from a day spent in your pj's, bing watching your favorite Netflix show and never leaving the house!  We all need days full of nothingness.  It helps clear your mind and prepare you for busy days to come.

Our 5 Tips on How To Be Lazy

  1. Sit with your dog (or any pet) and just be in the moment.  Animals live life in the moment...we can all learn something from them.
  2. Lay outside and just listen to the sounds around you.
  3. Take a nap...or two!
  4. Spend the day in your jammies!
  5. Watch the sun set.

Although laziness is not encouraged in becoming a lifestyle, sometimes stepping back, taking a breath, and just being plain unproductive can give way to a more successful day or week to come. Think of it as a study break from life that allows you to empty your head of the craziness and readily focus on the task at hand. 

Like everything in life, moderation is the key.

Be lazy once in a while. Go ahead. It’s okay.




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