Face Masks for Girls....and everyone else too!

Face Masks for Girls....and everyone else too!

Back in March when things started to get a little crazy....you know, when COVID19 was just starting to hit the US and they started closing schools and asking everyone to stay home....it felt surreal and scary!  

I remember getting an email from a contact at an LA clothing manufacture that we had worked with before.  His email had pictures of these super colorful and fun face coverings.  His words in the email were simple, "I'm selling these like crazy.  You need to add these to your website. HUGE NEED!"  I looked at the email and dismissed it.  I actually filed it away and kept looking through my emails. 

face masks for girls

Later that day as I was reading more about COVID-19 and how quickly it was spreading in NYC I had a flashback to those adorable masks that Frank emailed me about.  I went back to his email and looked again and then I called Kristen and said, "hey, maybe we should offer face coverings for the girls and moms."  Our in person mom + daughter events could not happen and we thought this might be a good way to make up for lost revenue so we decided to take a chance and see what happened.

I emailed Frank and placed a small order to test it out and then Kristen and I each posted about the masks on our personal pages and were met with a HUGE response....YES, people wanted masks!  Within 2 hours we had over 100 orders!

10,000+ masks later....we still can not keep them in stock!  Our face coverings are made in the USA (in Los Angeles) and they are all hand made using USA fabric.  We have worked closely with our manufacture in LA to secure tie dye and color block styles in addition to our general mix of fun and bright colors and patterns.  The color block styles come in more basic colors that are good for boys and men. 

face masks for girls

Most of the masks are geared towards girls and moms.....staying true to our mission of helping girls feel like their STRONG self(ie) no matter what....or you know...during a pandemic!

The masks are made of a cotton and rayon blend.  Some are like a bathing suit fabric and some are more cotton.  They all have a breathable mesh making them a two layer mask.  They are lightweight and great for running errands, sporting events and back to school.

Since they are handmade, we will not give measurements as they all vary in size.  We have toddler, tween and adult sizes.  We suggest you wash and dry the masks before you wear them.  They do shrink with a single wash for a great fit!

face masks for girls

We wish we could let you choose your colors and patterns but we do not get an option to select what we get from our manufacture.  There is such a high demand and we get what we get!  You can add notes to the order if you want certain colors (boy colors or I love pink) or patterns (stripes or floral).  We always do our best to meet special requests.  We will email you if we can not.  

face masks for girls

All mask orders are non returnable and non refundable.  We kindly ask that if you do not enjoy the color, style or fit that you donate to an essential business in your area.  If it helps, 84% of people that bought our masks have placed additional orders! 

And our FALL colors have arrived so be sure to check them out!

face masks for girls

Be sure to check out our gift boxes for girls too!  Great for birthdays, big moments or just because!

gift box for teen     gift box for girls

gift box for tween

Stay STRONG.  Stay SAFE!


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