Fun Activities for Easter: Epic Candy Charcuterie Board in 4 Easy Steps

Fun Activities for Easter: Epic Candy Charcuterie Board in 4 Easy Steps

There are many fun activities for Easter that you can do with your kids, ranging from coloring eggs to Easter egg hunts, and much more.  Finding things that tweens and teens are interested in can be a challenge, so we thought you might appreciate a creative way to include them in the Easter fun.  

This fun, easy Easter activity can be done together or independently by your girl and her friends to get them off their devices!  And the finished product will make a festive and tasty addition to your Easter celebration.

Below are simple ways to get started and have fun connecting with your girl!

easter candy board

1.  Find a Sturdy Base and Fun Anchor Dishes

You will need a large platter or board of some type to be your base for your candy charcuterie board.  It can be plain or decorative but the most important thing is it is not too large or too small to serve your guests.  Adding an Easter themed anchor dish or maybe two will give the board depth and interest.  Small bowls or cups can work as well for the anchor or mini anchors on the board.

easter themed bowls and dishes for appetizer

2.  Pick Your Favorite Candies and Treats

Be creative when selecting the candy for your board!  Be sure to use a mixture of colors, flavors, textures, shapes and sizes.  This will ensure the board not only looks bright and colorful but it will appeal to everyone you are serving.  

Mixing in some wrapped candy in fun foils and colorful wrappers is a must to avoid a messy look of piles of candy.  

Taste should also be a factor when choosing what to put on your board.  You want a nice variety of complimentary flavors for the best presentation. For example, mixing pretzels (we love the Spring Pretzels found inside the 'Some Bunny Loves You' gift box) and chocolate is a nice way to compliment the flavors on your board. Try adding this Spring popcorn for some crunch! 

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easter candy boardspring twist pretzel candyeaster candy board

3. Experiment with Presentation!

Presentation is key to a successful candy charcuterie board.  Start by filling your anchor dish and then building outward from there.  

Try different ways to separate the candies and prevent one candy from spilling into another.  This will give the board a clean, appealing presentation.  Using cookies or macaroons as borders is a good way to separate the candies.  

Fanning Easter bunny candies, piling jelly beans, and neatly stacking sprinkle covered cookies are all ways to give each item a unique look on the board.  Cutting large candy bars into bite sized shapes is another tip to make the candy board look and feel balanced.

easter candy board

4. Enjoy!

Now that your board is complete....snap some pictures and show off your masterpiece to your friends and family!  Serve your perfectly curated candy charcuterie board to your guests and be sure to snag some of that yummy sugar for yourself(ie)!

Once you have mastered your candy board you can take these tips and apply to all kinds of fun boards like meat and cheese charcuterie boards or fruits and veggies for a healthier option!  These fun food boards can be done for any holiday or celebration.  Movie nights, s’mores or birthday boards are all fun reasons to create a charcuterie board and reconnect with your girl!

Check out our YouTube video on how to make the perfect Easter Candy Charcuterie board!  Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!


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