Fun Ways To Customize This Season's STRONG selfi(ie) Subscription Box

Fun Ways To Customize This Season's STRONG selfi(ie) Subscription Box

There may be snow on the ground but we are thinking SPRING!  We are busy packing and preparing the spring boxes for shipping. We love all the products and hope your girls do too!  This season you have the opportunity to customize your girl’s box during our Add On and Customization weekend being held February 26-28, 2021.

Girl with grey STRONG selfie duffle bag

Waaaay back in summer 2020, we started working on the creation of a duffle bag for this season’s box.  We wanted something fun, versatile and useful that ALL girls would love and use.  

We partnered with Vooray to help us design an exclusive STRONG self(ie) duffle bag and presented them with the idea of designing multiple strap options for our members to choose from.  They loved the idea and helped us create a barrel duffle in Ultimate Grey, which is the Pantone 2021 Color of the Year.   

For a fun twist we decided to add a pop of teal for the interior lining.  We then looked for strap ideas that would coordinate, but not match exactly with that fun pop of teal.  

There are 3 shoulder strap options to choose from.

Strong selfie duffle bag with custom strap options

Can't decide which strap you want?  No will have the option to purchase additional straps during the Add On and Customization weekend!

If you miss the Add On and Customization weekend, the staff at STRONG self(ie) will automatically choose a strap for you.

Check out our Customization video on YouTube!

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