Gift Messages That Inspire Girls

Gift Messages That Inspire Girls

From birthdays to holidays and beyond, people select our subscription and gift boxes to ship to their loved ones as the perfect gift. With that comes hundreds of gift cards!  We hand write every card, to every single girl!  We want her to feel special and help make the gift feel personal.

Finding the perfect gift is amazing but topping it off with a card that uplifts and is empowering is the bow on the package.  Making your gift message personal and positive is key.  Be sure to compliment her character, not her looks.  Building strong girls comes from the inside out.  Give her advice and compliments that help build her confidence and inspire her to be better and stronger.  Mention or list things you love about her.  Hearing positive attributes will boost her mood and make her day extra special.

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It's easy to keep it simple but we encourage people to connect and empower their girl using some of these personalized gift messages that are positive and inspiring.

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the girl that sparkles brighter than the sun!
  • Keep shining your bright light today and always!  Happy Birthday!
  • We hope your birthday is as special as you are!  We love your kindness and smile!
  • Keep dreaming big and living life with no regrets!  Happy Birthday!
  • Make the next 365 days amazing and continue putting good vibes into the world!
  • You inspire us every day to work hard and challenge ourselves to do better.  We are so proud of you!
  • We are in awe of all you do and how you inspire others to be good humans!
  • It's your day!  Celebrate everything about yourself because you are kind, smart, funny, hardworking and beautiful inside and out!
  • Sending you good vibes and lots of love!  You deserve to have the best day ever!
  • We hope you know how amazing you are!  You inspire us every day!
  • You are funny, smart, outgoing and loved beyond words!  Enjoy your special day!
  • We are proud of the young lady you are and are wishing you all good vibes today and always!
  • Your smile lights up the world.  We hope your birthday is filled with nothing but happiness and positive vibes!
  • You are so talented!  We are beyond proud of you and all you have accomplished.
  • To the girl that is cool, fun, hardworking and loved beyond words. Keep being amazing!
  • We are sending sunshine your way for birthday that is filled with nothing but good vibes! 

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