Gym Bag Essentials: 5 Important Products for Your Girl's Athletic Bag

Gym Bag Essentials: 5 Important Products for Your Girl's Athletic Bag

Our members received the AMAZING Vooray barrel duffle in our Spring 2021 STRONG self(ie) box now it is time to put it to use!  Choosing the right items to tuck inside may be challenging and we want our STRONG self(ie) community to be on the run in style and prepared!

vooray duffle essentials


Water Bottle 

bkr glass water bottle in your gym bag

Staying hydrated is so important for girls on the go!  Be sure she has a full water bottle before heading out the door for practice, rehearsal or whatever has her on the run.  Stainless steel and glass water bottles are the safest bottles to choose as they don't breed bacteria like plastic and other reusable bottles.

Face Masks

cloth face coverings

Reusable or washable....make sure you have a few masks in your bag!  It is important to sanitize masks in between uses.  Washable masks are the best way to stay protected while being environmentally safe too!  Wash and dry your fabric masks daily if possible.

Healthy Snack

You never know when hunger will hit so be sure you have a few snacks on hand to hold you over until mealtime.  Energy and protein bars are great options.

Personal Care Items

You don't want to be without these key items for all girls on the go!

  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Extra underwear
  • Makeup and remover
  • Menstrual products (tampons, pads, menstrual cups)
  • Spare contact lenses and solution
  • Cleanse Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Confidence Cards

confidence cards

It's natural to sometimes not feel like your strongest self(ie).  Tuck a couple STRONG self(ie) confidence cards in your bag.  Reading and believing them are a good way to boost your confidence and keep going STRONG!


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