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Leading by Example: Kindness Starts with Kind Parents

Leading by Example: Kindness Starts with Parents

There are a lot of ways to teach kindness but perhaps the most effective way for parents is to lead by example. Your children observe you, whether it feels like it or not, they are watching. They notice when you hold the door for someone and they notice when you talk negatively about someone. So take a minute and think how are you modeling kindness.

Kindness is quick, pick a number 1-25.

Got it?


Now it's time to #strikeyourstrongselfie! Scroll down to the number you picked and start modeling how to spread kindness to others.

1. Complement the first 3 people you see today.

2. Mail a card to someone to let them know how special they are.

3. Bring your neighbors garbage cans back up to their house. 

4. Return shopping carts at the grocery store for other people.

5. Pick up trash at the local park, playground or beach.

6. Send a thank you note to the officers at the local police or fire station.

7. Pay it back: Buy the coffee for the person in line behind you.

8. Drop off cat or dog food to an animal shelter.

9. Email or write to a person who has made a positive impact in your life (teacher, coach, friends).

10. Bring your child breakfast in bed.

11. Visit a nursing home and play a board game with a senior citizen. 

12. Fill an empty STRONG self(ie) box with hats, gloves & toiletries and give it to a homeless person or shelter. 

13. Let someone go in front of you in line.

14. Give a stranger a compliment. 

15. Leave a nice note inside a book at your library. 

16. In Winter, give a hot coffee or in Summer, give a cold gatorade to your mail carrier, security guard, trash collector or crossing guard.

17. Write a nice note on the receipt for the waiter or waitress to read.

18. Put quarters in the vending machine or candy machines at the grocery store.

19. Cheer up a friend by giving them a STRONG self(ie) Kindness Card.

20. Leave a $1 bills hidden in the shelves at the Dollar Store.


21. Give a balloon or color books to children in the hospital. 

22. Leave 100 penny heads up on the ground.

23. Give someone waiting behind you in line a gift card.

24. Ask someone in line "How is your day going?".

25. Offer to run an errand for someone having a busy or hard week. 



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