Oh, the Places You Can Go!

Oh, the Places You Can Go!

Summer is the time for many of us to travel.  If your life is like ours, then the kids sports schedules dictate your destinations most of the time!  Here are a few smart(ie) tips to make an adventure out of every trip and help get you moving!

1)  Research day trips - Whether you are just looking for a quick day trip locally or while you are at your daughters soccer tournament out of town, be sure to research national parks, hiking trails or water parks that may be worth a visit.

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2) Hit the road - Back when we were kids we never even thought about traveling by plane. We have vivid memories of many road trips with my families to Florida and Myrtle Beach.  I remember the anticipation of getting there...you know "are we there yet!" and the long journey home.  Seek out a destination for your family and let the rubber hit the road!

3) Girls Only Weekend - Before you know it the kids will be back in school! Schedule a girls only weekend with your daughter!  Beach or city...it doesn't really matter!  Just find 48 hours to spend alone and build that connection.

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4) Plan Ahead - Summer life got you sweating?  Then plan a trip for the Fall.  Research fall foliage and go on an adventure that you and your daughter plan together.  Having her help you plan a trip will create conversations and engage her in ways to keep her connected.

We don't know about you but it seems like life is zooming by in the fast lane.  Using creative things like the scratch off map in the summer Bloom box is a great way to chart your journeys and get your girl talking.
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Have a fun and safe journey this summer! 



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