Springtime Cleaning - 20 Must-Have Tips for Teens + Printable Checklist

Springtime Cleaning - 20 Must-Have Tips for Teens + Printable Checklist

When it comes to Springtime cleaning, getting any teen to clean may seem impossible!  Their messy rooms and unmade beds drive most parents crazy. But the reality is... messy can lead to dirty and that is when the real problems start.  As the weather starts to get nicer, now is the time to get your teen involved in a deep clean of their bedrooms and beyond!  

Springtime Cleaning Tips That Help Teens Stay Healthy

Gather the right cleaning products - The Retro Jelly Basket makes a great caddy for all your spring cleaning supplies like Well Kept antibacterial cleaning wipes, spray bottle of apple cider vinegar water all purpose cleaning spray, microfiber cloths for dusting and cleaning, and trash bags. Having the right products at your fingertips makes cleaning a breeze!


Ditch the Starbucks and other cups - Research shows that bacteria starts to grow on moist surfaces within 24 hours. That means all those half full Starbucks and ChickFilA cups need to be ditched! Dump any extra liquid down the drain and recycle those takeout cups! We suggest these brightly colored dishwasher safe  glass bottles by BKR!

glass water bottle by bkr

Your PHONE is the dirtiest thing you touch all day! - According to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan your phone is covered in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be precise. This makes cell phones one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.  Every time you sanitize your hands be sure your phone gets a swipe with an antibacterial wipe too!

well kept wipes to disinfect phones

Hang up your wet towels - Due to their absorbent properties, towels provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.  The key to stopping the growth of bacteria is to properly hang towels after use to get them to dry quickly.  Research suggests towels are washed every 3-4 days.

beach towels

Change your detergent - Surprise your mom with this knowledge!  Did you know experts recommend using only powder detergent in your washing machine?  AND no fabric softener!  

Using a teaspoon of Distilled White Vinegar instead of fabric softener does several things.  First it is a natural cleaner and deodorizer. So it not only cleans your clothes, it is great for your washing machine too! 

Second, it contains acetic acid which brightens and whitens light clothes without fading dark colors. And it helps prevent lint and hair from sticking to clothes. 

Mom Tip: Have sports gear that you can never get odor free?  The answer is White Vinegar! Not only does it remove the odor, it also removes perspiration stains without damaging your clothes. Tried and true I promise!

cleaning checklist for your teen to clean their room


Springtime Cleaning Checklists 


  1. Open your windows to get fresh air into your room.
  2. Remove, wash and dry all bedding.
  3. Go through closets and drawers and donate any clothing and shoes that you have outgrown or no longer want.
  4. Check under the bed for items like dirty laundry, paper plates, napkins, tissues, or takeout cups that may be hiding there.
  5. Vacuum room and dust all surfaces.

    School Items

    1. Declutter your desk!  Discard any school work and papers that you no longer need.
    2. Clean all your devices such as laptops, phone, iPad, etc with the Well Kept Wipes from the STRONG self(ie) Spring Box.
    3. Clean out your backpack.  Throw away old snacks, papers and notebooks you no longer need.
    4. Thoroughly wash reusable water bottles and lunch containers.
    5. Straighten up any bookshelves you have in your room.  Donate any unwanted books.


    1. Wash all towels including shower mats, hand towels and quick drying hair towels.
    2. Throw away any unwanted make-up, skincare or hair products from your bathroom.
    3. Clean out and organize drawers.  
    4. Wipe down all bathroom counters and mirrors.
    5. Clean floor and shower.

    Now that everything has had a thorough Springtime cleaning, you may also want to brighten up your space. So we’d like to share some tips about small, inexpensive changes that can have a big impact on your room and your mood!

    Tips to Brighten Up Your Space

    1. Add seasonal pillows to your bed.
    2. Find a fresh smelling candle or reed diffuser.
    3. Change out wall decor.
    4. Add succulents or air plants to get a fresh look to your space.
    5. Straightening up your room every day or so will help keep the mess to a minimum!  Do a little each day.

    Be sure to grab the STRONG self(ie) spring cleaning printable checklist!

    Click here to download it now!

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