#strikeyourstrongselfie: How to Feel Strong All Summer Long

#strikeyourstrongselfie: How to Feel Strong All Summer Long

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#strikeyourstrongselfie: How to Feel Strong All Summer Long

Hey there, STRONG self(ie) squad! We can't believe it's already August and summer is in full swing! As tempting as it may be to let this scorcher of a season pass you by from your favorite spot on the couch, we want to encourage you to get out there and #strikeyourstrongselfie. 

STRONG self(ie) may be the trendiest subscription box on the planet for girls your age, but we are so much more than that. Through #strikeyourstrongselfie, we are creating a community of girls who are confident in being EXACTLY who they are.

Exactly who YOU are is pretty awesome - and you should know that. This summer join STRONG self(ie) girls from across the country and #strikeyourstrongselfie.

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What it Means to #strikeyourstrongselfie
Being confident in who you are is sometimes easier said than done.

We totally get that.

As someone who has been in your shoes, we also get that pretending to be someone you aren’t, is even harder.

The motto of STRONG self(ie) is to just do you - because growing up as a girl is hard enough as it is without feeling like you have to be someone else just to get by.

When you join the STRONG self(ie) squad and #strikeyourstrongselfie, you aren’t just taking a picture of yourself. You are standing up for exactly who you are, and telling the world that who you are is exactly who you need to be.

As the American poet e.e. cummings so wisely said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” And he’s right, it does take courage to be yourself.

This summer, choose to be courageous. For some of you, it will take a tremendous amount of courage to knock on a neighbor’s door and offer to help with her lawn care. For others, courage might mean overcoming your fear of heights by hiking up a trail with your family on vacation. Or maybe, for you, it takes courage to post a selfie without a filter.

Before you laugh at that last one, remember that every girl is fighting an internal battle to simply be who she is. Rather than jump to judgement, spend this summer building one another up. It will surprise you how powerful such a small shift in your attitude can be. For yourself, and for those around you.

Take action.

Make a list of five ways you can be more courageous this summer, and keep it somewhere handy. Pull it out every morning, and chose one that you will focus on that day. It’s amazing how much stronger you will feel about yourself, and about each item on that list as the days of summer pass by.

Who knows? By the time school starts, you might be more confident and courageous.

subscription box for teen girls

Our challenge for you this summer is to get out there, be courageous, and just do you. Snap some selfies along the way, and be sure to share with us what it means for you to be a part of the STRONG self(ie) squad.




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