STRONG self(ie) Fall Weekend Vibes

STRONG self(ie) Fall Weekend Vibes

As we welcome Fall 2020, it's all about staying health(ie) and happ(ie) this season!  Stay focused on the positive things happening in your life and start using the products from our Fall Seasonal box to keep that STRONG vibe going all season long.


1) UNSTOPPABLE T-Shirt + Urban Pack

With Fall comes cooler weather and we LOVE layering our UNSTOPPABLE t-shirt under flannels to stay cozy.  Pair that with the urban pack when you head out to run errands or grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte!  The urban pack is perfect to hold essentials like your face mask, hand sanitizer, phone and more.  The BLOOM box offers a pale blush urban pack and the BURST box has the cream pack with just a hint of grey. 

BONUS for BLOOM girls - use your enamel lightening bolt pin to show your POWER by placing it on your urban pack.  Other great places for your pin are a denim jacket or laptop case!

2)  Journal + Pencil Set or Smelly Pen

As we all continue to try to social distance there are times when you're stuck at home.  Don't waste it all on TikTok or Snapchat...grab your journal and pen and pencil set to write down goals or get caught up on your homework.


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3)  GoGo Big Squeez

We hope you are all able to get to a pumpkin patch, apple orchard or corn maze this Fall.  Although we heard that apple picking is not allowed this bummer....but don't worry we have a smart(ie) solution for that.  Grab your GoGO Big Squeez to fill the apple picking void!  These are packed full of good things for you and are so easy to grab on the go or in between e-learning Zooms!

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Fall Face Masks are in stock now!  We just received all new face masks in fall tie dye colors, color block face masks, and other patterns!  Be sure to check them out soon as we will not be restocking these colors.

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