Must-Have Hairstyles for the Girl on the Go

Must-Have Hairstyles for the Girl on the Go

Resist the temptation to rely on that tried-and-true (but tired) ponytail when you’re trying to help your STRONG girl get out the door. Just because your girl’s on the go doesn’t mean she wants to sacrifice style for speed. That’s why we included FIT By Lilla’s super cute and versatile (hello, hair tie AND bracelet?!?) waterproof and sweatproof accessories in this season’s STRONG self(ie) box.

on the go hair styles

Great! But what about those of us who only know how to gather hair into a ponytail… or maybe a bun if we’re feeling lucky that particular morning? NBD! We get it, we’ve been there, and we’ve got you covered, ponytail parents!

Getting our inspiration from the By Lilla blog, we’ve recreated their 5 Cute Gym Hairstyles To Upgrade Your Workout, in our STRONG self(ie) spirit... Give these suggestions a try with your STRONG girl and post your polished ‘do in the comments! Better yet, show off your smart(ie) self(ie)s and showcase your very own on-the-go hairstyle creation!

The Super-Chic Smart(ie) Pony

Smooth your strands into a high ponytail and keep it in place with your favorite FIT hair tie. Take your tail and split into three separate sections, braiding down to the end. Tie off with another FIT elastic and voila! You’re rocking a super-chic smart(ie) pony perfect for STEM studies.

smartie ponytail

The Health(ie) Start Top Knot

All you need to do for this on the go look is take charge of your strands by pulling them into a high ponytail secured with a FIT elastic. Next, twist your pony around the base of your FIT elastic and hold with another fun FIT hair tie. Slick flyaways and baby hairs in place with your favorite super hold hairspray and you’re off to the gym, looking glam on the go.

top knot hair style

Funn(ie), Yet Fierce Ponytail

Not great at braiding? No problem! This twist on the ponytail requires zero braiding ability. All you need to do to recreate the Jasmine ponytail is pull your hair into a high pony and keep in place with a FIT hair elastic. Simply repeat, moving down the ponytail 1-2 inches and adding another elastic hair tie until you get to the bottom of your ponytail . 

fierce ponytail

Loose and Lovel(ie) Braided Locks

Start with a side part and gather small section of hair to one side. Keep it loose, but braid this section and secure in place at the back of your head with a fabulous FIT hair tie. Next, stretch each of the three strands of your braid so that you have a looser and larger looking braid. Sweep your hair into a ponytail, tied together with a FIT elastic. Go back to the braided piece and extend the braid all the way down your hair, tying off with another FIT hair accessory.

loose and lovely braid hair stle


If you’ve mastered one of our hair style suggestions, share a pic of the finished creation in the comments. What on-the-go hairstyle can you create to share with your fellow STRONG parents and girls? Don’t keep it a secret… post below!

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 *pictures by @bylilla

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