This Halloween, to thine own self be true

This Halloween, to thine own self be true

This Halloween, to thine own self be true

A mini-essay
by Mo Duffy Cobb

Figuring out what to be for Halloween is easy. Figuring out who we really are is the hard part, the part that takes integrity, that takes a risk, and that can sometimes take a lifetime. In a world where teens live half in reality, and half in a small glowing screen, the parameters of popularity are changing. But remember – the best you is the one you know the best.

Step Out From Behind the Screen

Technology can feel like it “un-levels” the playing field, rocks the boat. While friendships grow and change, they are not based on who you text from day to day. Behind every device, there are parental controls and attributes that sometimes even kids don’t understand — they are a family matter. Old friends matter, too, even if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Reach out — get in touch. Your number of "likes" on your Instagram profile might seem important at the time, but isn’t a measure of true friendship. This constructed online world is layered and variable, and ultimately, should be powered down at the end of the day.


In October, we swim in masks, switch up our roles from queen bee to wannabe, try on wigs and face paints – fueled by the idea that we have the power to be someone else. But who do we want to be? As we experiment with new ideas, add favorite moments to My Story and send out streaks for a hundred days, keep the peace in you. Have fun and be yourself by cutting loose the cyber strings. Sometimes it’s easy and fun to transform our figures and test the waters, even grown-ups do that! In a world of uncertainty, feel safe in your identity and gender, even if that shifts a little. It’s time to reveal your true self, not your hashtags or your followers.

The Story Behind Your Selfie

This Halloween, as you choose which costume to wear, consider first your own reflection. Who lies behind that SnapChat filter? A future doctor, teacher, or even President? Believe in your self first! Fashion trends will come and go, but you will be you forever. Follow your intuition, and keep your head held high because you are smarter than you think! Love what you have, the history you’ve built around you, and be what you want to be!

With your dreams in focus, you can achieve anything!

Author's Bio:

Mo Duffy Cobb is the author of Unpacked: from PEI to Palawan. Her essays have been published in The Rumpus, Literary Mama, Damselfly Press and more. She is the founder and Editor of Cargo Literary, an online magazine that publishes transformational travel experiences. She lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Twitter @MoDuffyCobb, and on Facebook Author Mo Duffy Cobb.

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