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Simple but FUN Ways to Get Your Kids UP and MOVING This Summer!

Getting the kids up and moving is not us...we know!  With 5 kids between Kristen and I we are always looking for fun and interesting things to do with them or activities to suggest to them when they say "I'm bored!"  

Check out this list of 7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer by SheKnows and the list below that I came up with!  

  • Walk to Lunch - We live about a mile from our awesome downtown so once a week I get all 3 kids and we walk to lunch and back home.  AND I make them put their phones in their pockets during the walk!  It's actually fun and I have found that they talk more...or they "spill the tea" when we are walking because they aren't making eye contact. It's a win-win-win.  Exercise, off the phones and we are connecting!
  • GOAT Yoga - so I had this crazy idea of doing a summer STRONG self(ie) series of mom+ daughter GOAT YOGA...Kristen thought I was crazy but we are doing it and we are loving it!  This is a great activity for moms with girls of all ages but it is really good for those 12-15 year olds.  You know the ones that don't really think we are cool anymore and want to ditch us for their friends! goat yoga together and I guarantee smiles and laughter and moments that will last a lifetime.
goat yoga

  • Road Trip - Next week we (me and my 3 kids) are flying to Ohio so I can drop my youngest off at my parents for a week...then I am driving my daughter to dance in Pittsburgh where she will train for 6 days and next I am driving my oldest son to Connecticut for his lacrosse tournament....still with me?  Which leaves me with 5 days of one-on-one time with 14 year old son.  I am sure he will want to pop his air pods in and ignore me for the 8 hour drive BUT I have other plans.  We are detouring to walk some college campus, check out the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania and explore some of my old stomping grounds along the east coast.  I am excited for the one-on-one time and the chance to connect with him without the distractions of his siblings.  In the midst of a busy week of travel I am excited to share our time together.

mom and son

  • Dog Walking - Family Style - We have 3 dogs and they love walks.  An evening walk happens on most days and I  "make" one kid go with me every night depending on who is home.  It's about a 2 mile loop and they can dribble a basketball, bring the lacrosse stick, ride a skateboard....I don't care.  I actually don't even make them walk a dog....I just want them to get off their phones and out of the house.  Sometimes they talk my ear off and other times neither of us say a word. 
  • Fitness Goals - my boys are very active in sports so my husband wrote out mini workouts for each of them to do during the day.  Writing out these workouts helps keep them focused and on track to stay active each day.

Share any tips you might have to get your kids Up and Moving and feeling like their #strongselfie


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