Welcome to STRONG self(ie)! Parents - Here's What You Can Expect

Welcome to STRONG self(ie)!

Parents - Here’s What You Can Expect

When we created STRONG self(ie), we wanted to offer trendy and inspirational products for girls between the ages of 8-17, wrapped up in an inspirational message of self-empowerment.  

Moms - being a young girl can be tough. We've all been there ourselves, and thanks to social media and near-constant web-access, it seems tougher for our daughters than it ever was for us.  

Realizing that parents across the U.S. have been looking for a way to encourage and connect with their daughters, we focused on not only empowering girls to be their authentic, true-selves, but also better connecting parents with their young daughters. 

Strong Selfie

Inside the Box

In every STRONG self(ie) box delivery, parents will receive an envelope of information to better connect to their daughters, while girls will receive their own packet of awesome, confidence-boosting self-empowerment tools.

Your girls will receive inspirational messages with every box delivery, along with a pack of custom STRONG self(ie) Kindness Cards to pass on to girls at school. We believe that strong girls encourage and build up those around them, which is why we are so excited to feature Kindness Cards in every one of our boxes. 

Just as important as it is for girls to build one another up, parents need to remind our girls just how special they are. In every STRONG self(ie) box delivery, parents will find a packet of their own Kindness Cards to pass on to their daughters. Sometimes, the smallest word of encouragement can mean everything - especially to a young girl. 

Of course, our boxes wouldn't be complete without some seriously amazing products. Over the past several months, we have poured our hearts into finding great items with positive messages. Trendy, purposeful, and of course - fun. We can't wait for your daughter to receive her first STRONG self(ie) membership box, so don't forget to place your order TODAY, before this limited edition runs out. 

Beyond the Box

Curating fun and trendy products to send out to girls across the United States is only part of what we do here at STRONG self(ie). Building up a community of STRONG girls and parents is the half of our mission we are most passionate about. 

Aside from featuring information for parents inside of their daughter's membership box, there will be a lot of helpful advice and information available beyond the box. We are excited to feature STRONG women guest bloggers over the next several months who are counselors, business owners, and overwhelming inspirations to our community. They will be sharing back to school tips, anti-bullying information, and so much more.  

As much as we love providing info for parents, we will also be posting content specific to girls. Topics such as giving back, passing on kindness, and staying positive throughout the school year will all be featured this coming quarter. 

Be sure to sign up to receive blog updates, and check back often for new posts and information. If you have ideas, questions, or information you would like to see here on our website - please reach out! We love to hear from our community, and always promise to respond directly to your concerns and comments. 

Thank you for joining and welcome to the STRONG self(ie) community!

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