What We Want Ever Girl To Know....

What We Want Ever Girl To Know....

by Stephanie Szewczyk

We often get asked how we decided to name our business "STRONG self(ie)."

I remember sitting at Panera Bread with Kristen and hashing out ideas for names and the meanings and reason behind starting this box business.  After hours of discussion we knew we wanted to empower girls to feel good about themselves, find confidence at a young age and find the value in just being yourself(ie)!

A week or so later over a glass (or maybe bottle!) of wine was when Kristen asked the magic question, "When did you feel like your strongest self?"  I think we were both slightly embarrassed to say in our mid-30's.  With young daughters we knew we wanted to help girls believe in themselves at a much younger age then we did.  We liked the name STRONG self and with girls loving to take selfie's we came up with "STRONG self(ie)" to appeal to the current generation of girls.



As we continued to evolve our brand we knew the box had to have a mission but we strongly felt like the name did too.  So we decided to put parentheses around the "IE" in selfie to highlight a secret message.  The "IE" in our logo stands for "I'm Enough". 

That really is the core message to all the girls we ship our boxes too.  We want each of them to find worth in themselves and all they have to offer this world.  Yes, our boxes have awesome, fun, trendy products but it also includes stickers, confidence cards and marketing to support girls (and their moms!) as they navigate life. 

Will one of our boxes change the world?  Maybe, maybe not....but together as a community we are building up all girls that will know sooner than we did that they are enough and the world will be a better place because of it.  

Today is International Girl Day so we are launching our new "I'm Enough" merch!  Snag one of our hoodies or long sleeve t's and celebrate your girl and help her remember that she's enough!  Purchase STRONG self(ie) merchandise here!

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