How Drinking From Glass Water Bottles Helps Us Feel STRONG

How Drinking From Glass Water Bottles Helps Us Feel STRONG

Our STRONG self(ie) spring boxes are full of awesome products and we take a lot of time finding just the right things to help girls feel confident.  This season we partnered with BKR Water Bottle for soooo many reasons!  

1. BEAUT(ie): Let's go ahead and get the most obvious reason out of the way, helloooo STYLE! These water bottles are on trend and keep us feeling stylish.

2. SMART(ie): Using glass is better for our bodies and is earth friendly! It can be recycled endlessly without losing quality. For every glass water bottle we use it's one less disposable water bottle we throw away.

3. HEALTH(ie): The glass BKR water bottles in our spring boxes are chemical free! Unlike other drinking materials, glass is the only material that the US Food & Drug Administration often refers to as safe and it's without question, everything tastes better in glass! So we can't help but drink up, stay hydrated and feel great knowing we are avoiding those scary chemicals like polycarbonate.

 4. FUNNIE(ie): You know what's not fun? Hand washing all those water bottles. Glass water bottles are dishwasher safe. We are saving time, our manicures and water by using our dishwashers to clean our bottles! 

And did you know that BKR is owned by BFF's, Tal and Kate.  We kinda relate to their story and love supporting other woman owned businesses!  

Enjoy staying hydrated with these cute but smart(ie) water bottles!  Check out the spring boxes for more great products!

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