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We Know How Impactful a Positive Voice Can Be to Young Girls

STRONG selfie was founded to help inspire the world around all girls through our subscription and gift boxes.

At STRONG selfie, we want to help you…

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Brighten your girl's life each month with a beautiful, age-appropriate gift.

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Give items she’ll truly love and use thanks to our product focus groups with real girls.

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Encourage the girl in your life with a message of empowering positivity.

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Be the uplifting and relevant role model your teen, tween, or college-age girl needs.

Give Her Something to Look Forward to Each Month

Subscribe to the age-appropriate gift box for your girl and show her you care.

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Delight Girls 7-12

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Uplift Girls 13-17

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Encourage Girls 18 & up

“My two girls love their STRONG Selfie boxes! They look forward to their Subscription Box and they ask me constantly when their next one is coming. STRONG Selfie is even my go-to for birthday gifts!”

- Happy STRONG selfie Customer

ie (I’m Enough)

Wanting every girl to know she is enough is at the core of STRONG selfie.

There are so many influences and messages that shape us as young adults. When we look back at our years growing up versus what kids are seeing, hearing and doing now, we felt that being a touch of inspiration in a girls’ life could be a meaningful mission.

We want girls to know that, despite the fact that some days are better than others, and not everyone is going to like you, that liking yourself(ie), is the most important thing. That (I’m Enough) vibes invoke a feeling of confidence, strength, and choosing what is best for YOU. That you can say what you mean, stand up for what you believe in, fail, learn, and have fun in the process.

It’s Way More Than a Gift

We started STRONG selfie to inspire the world around girls through our subscription and gift boxes.

We want to make gifting IE (I’m Enough) vibes to your special girl simple and easy! The lifestyle products in our subscription and gift boxes are fun, trendy, and positive and girl approved through our tween and teen focus groups. We want our gifts to inspire girls to build IE vibes in their own life with positive messages, inspo to post in their room, and activities and tips to use and grow.

We hand write every message to your girl and hope she feels the love and IE Vibes the moment her gift lands on her doorstep! It’s way more than a gift; it’s inspiration shipped into her world that will let her know she’s loved.

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Every Girl Deserves to Know That She’s Enough

Subscribe today and surround her with the positivity she needs to feel like her STRONG selfie.