Founders of Strong Self(ie) subscription box for girls

Kristen (left) and Stephanie (right).

Everyone has a who, what, and a why. This is ours.

Hi! We are Kristen and Stephanie - the Co-Founders of STRONG self(ie), a subscription and gift box company that has enjoyed serious success since our launch in 2017. Our mission is to empower girls, which is why we encourage them to embrace every moment of growing up.

As moms of young girls, we know these moments are just blinks in time.  We are so grateful that we are able to help you raise and empower all the girls in your life...whatever the moment holds.

At STRONG self(ie), we nurture strong girls as they grow into strong women by supporting those who raise them -- YOU! Whether you’re a mom, dad, grandparent, stepparent, aunt or uncle, we’ve created a way to recognize and celebrate the girls in your life -- meaningfully.

Gifting for girls can be challenging. That’s why we make acknowledging her every moment -- big or small -- simple with a variety of gifting options to choose from.

The season subscription boxes are filled with inspirational products designed to better connect you and your girl.  This ongoing gift is a great option for busy parents to take a moment and sit down with your daughter and connect.

Our “Blink Boxes” are perfect for embracing, coaching and celebrating them through their "moments,” both triumphant and challenging.

Blink: she turns double-digits.

Blink: she’s off to middle school.

Blink: a nail biting team tryout.

Blink: a first time fight with her bestie.

Blink: a bad breakup. Blink: SAT prep.

Blink: graduation.

Our blink boxes are curated for all the  special occasions and moments in your girls lives.  No matter when or why, we’re here to prepare YOU to support your girl’s strongest self(ie) through each and every moment. As we all know -- these days will go by in a #BLINK. 

The mission of STRONG self(ie) is to build strong girls for life. We want to live out this mission with our own daughters by celebrating their moments and guiding them to be strong and confident girls. Welcome to STRONG self(ie)! Remember, #justdoyou....and don't miss a moment -- or a BLINK!