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The struggle is #strugglestrong It's not easy being a girl today. Your every move is under a microscope and forever documented on social media. Expectations in school and extra curricular activities are higher then ever. Friendships are not always easy. We get it, #thestruggleisreal so with each subscription box we inspire you to #strugglestrong and use the [four corners of self(ie) strength] to guide you to becoming your confident, strong self(ie). 

It takes four corners of an image to develop before it becomes a fully formed picture. We believe that in order for girls to grow up into strong confident women, they need to continually develop these [four corners of self(ie) strength]:

smart(ie) - know the answer? of course you do, smartie! don't be afraid to raise that hand high and let the world see that brain of yours in action.


funn(ie) - know the punchline to the joke? you bet! deliver that one-liner with flash-fast timing and let your shining personality light up the room.


health(ie) - health isn't just important for strength, it's vital. bring it into focus by nourishing your body, soul, and mind on the daily.


beaut(ie) - with the first four corners of strength developed, this last one comes naturally. you are a beautie, inside and out. know it, love it, embrace it. For girls... To empower your confident, authentic self... always.To inspire you to make smart choices so that you always hold your head high. To embrace every opportunity to be your happiest self.To empower others through kindness. For Parents... To empower your efforts in raising your daughter. To empower your strongest relationship with your STRONG girl. To empower every step of your journey with your daughter. Go out into the world, STRONG self(ie) squad, and remember to #justdoyou.